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Sexy women of the Fantasy World 2017 Calendars!

Fantasy Models 2017 Calendars

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Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell's Fantasy Fantasy Art of Royo Gothic Art of Victoria Frances

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell's Fantasy 2017 Wall Calendar: Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell's Fantasy 2017 Wall Calendar is the calendar every fantasy fan looks forward to. Here are thirteen all-new paintings from the husband-and-wife team of America's premier fantasy artist, Boris Vallejo, and Julie Bell, designer of the popular Dragons of Destiny sculpture series. Enter a world of warrior women and heroic men, painted with meticulous attention to detail. A world of strange beasts and loathsome monsters. A world of swirling dreamy landscapes and the mythology of good and evil. Every month Boris and Julie take us to the far reaches of the imagination, for a captivating, enchanting, thrilling year.

The Fantasy Art of Luis Royo 2017 Wall Calendar: Spanish artist Luis Royo is one of the most popular and prolific illustrators in the world today. With a career spanning four decades, his sensual paintings of women in apocalyptic landscapes and fantasy worlds have captivated fans of science fiction and erotica worldwide. The stunning images featured in this calendar are from his latest book, Malefic Time.

Gothic Art of Victoria Frances 2017 Wall Calendar. Victoria Franc├ęs' images of sexy vampires and beautiful women against Gothic backdrops make up the magical world found in this alluring calendar. Frances is an extraordinary artist, illustrator, and narrator with the ability to fascinate viewers with her work. Her dreamlike paintings of Gothic Romanticism resonate with a large fan base around the world.